Dual SickPet Care

At Oceanside Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive sick pet care for pets of all ages.

"Help! Something is wrong with my pet!"


vet taking care of dog

Unlike many hospitals, even if we have a full schedule, we can fit in your pet’s emergency appointment during office hours.


We know caring for a sick pet is never easy. We support you and coach you through tough decisions, grief, and transitions with the utmost compassion. We believe that as veterinarians, we cannot affect positive change in your pet’s life unless we work together with you as the pet parent without judgment. We review the details of your pet’s case and come up with a diagnostic and treatment plan that is consistent with best practices in medicine. Then, in conjunction with you, we decide how we are going to proceed. We discuss this with you and get your feedback on what you are comfortable with, what you are able to afford, and what you think will work best for your pet and your household. Then we come up with a plan together to follow through.


Therapeutic Services

We are equipped to handle patients requiring IV fluid administration, treatment, and continuous daytime monitoring. We have a complete in-house pharmacy for all common oral medications and will also utilize compounding pharmacies on an as-needed basis dictated by the needs of your pet. Every person on our staff undergoes extensive training in fear-free handling and behavioral cues. What that means is that we know the correct ways to handle a situation depending on the anxiety level of you and your pet. We will use pheromones to help relax dogs and cats. We have diffusers in each room releasing these pheromones and also use the spray in our kennels and on blankets/towels.

Diagnostic Imaging

We have state-of-the-art equipment and a facility that was built new in 2012, complete with digital X-ray, digital dental X-ray, and ultrasound. The radiology area contains a digital X-ray machine capable of a point-of-reference review of your pet’s images. This allows us to immediately analyze the images for quality and minimize the number of X-ray exposures your pet will have. Ultrasound allows us to image the structures of the internal organs and get real-time images of the abdomen and chest. Being well-equipped means we have the means to spot and diagnose disease faster and with less stress for you and your pet.