Dual About Oceanside Animal Hospital

Oceanside Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility located in Sandwich, MA area.

Dual Welcome to

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Sandwich’s leading animal hospital

Where we don’t just offer exceptional physical care for your pet but also humanity, soulfulness, and less stress.

We believe every pet’s life is precious and that everyone deserves to feel respected, loved, happy, and healthy. We are dedicated to treating your pets the way we would want our own to be treated – with exquisite, warm, loving, and professional care. We believe bonds like these need to be nurtured because they matter.

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Our Promise to you is ...

To always treat your pets as we would treat our own.
To listen to you as their parent.
To make decisions with your pet’s best interest at heart.
And to take exquisite care of them as a member of your family.

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What makes us different is that we bring equal parts medicine and love so that your pet is protected and feels at home in our hospital.

We are also one of the only animal hospitals in the area that are experienced with exotic animals, including birds, lizards, turtles/tortoises, snakes, mice/rats, and more! So if you have a feathered, scaly, or unusual pet, we’ll be ready to help to keep them happy and healthy.

We are a full-service animal hospital covering:

  • Sick pets
  • Emergency situations
  • Wellness and preventative care appointments
  • Dental care and more

That means that you can rely on us to be there for you no matter what your pet needs.

Giving back to Our Community

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Our vision is for all animals and people to be happy, healthy, universally loved, and respected like everyone deserves to be.

Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic

As part of this vision, we travel annually to Belize, where we run a course at the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic, teaching clinical skills to veterinary teams in the country. Veterinarians in Belize do not get the same access to education and resources that we are fortunate enough to access here in the US. So we proudly volunteer our time every year to help to advance professional standards in the country so that animals in the area can get better quality care.

Community Awards

We were awarded Business of the Year in Sandwich in 2018 and were elected to the top 3 Veterinary Hospitals on Cape Cod in 2019. These awards recognize our commitment to our community and the quality, caring medicine we practice. We are always looking for ways to give back.

Supporting Eco-friendly Practices

We are very environmentally conscious and are proud to be able to provide biodegradable pet waste bags at our town recreation areas. We hope that this is helpful to our area pet owners and helps to keep our parks clean!


Every year we host the Sandwichfest Dog Parade, have a Teddy bear clinic at the town Touch-a-Truck event, and visit local preschools to talk about caring for animals. We have hosted Chamber “Business After Hours” events and support and hire college interns to learn the profession, providing local opportunities.

Military, Police, and Fire Department Discount

We are grateful and appreciative of the service provided by our military as well as local police and fire departments, and provide discounted services for active members. As a result, members of the armed services, fire department, and local and state police will receive a 10% discount on services.

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A message from Our Founder

Bonding with so many pets in my childhood really influenced my desire to become a veterinary doctor. We had every creature under the sun at home, including dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, snakes, chinchillas, and parakeets!

After having children, I chose to open my own practice in my hometown of Sandwich, MA. One of the priorities I had in opening the practice was to create a safe, calming space for the pets and to really focus on using fear-reducing techniques for handling and positive conditioning so that instead of being terrified, they might actually be excited to come and see us – or at least ok with it.

We have been very successful in minimizing the stress of the process of a visit for many of our patients, and we are so grateful to have so many of them actually get excited to come and see us. Many even pull their owners in the door of the hospital – what a testament! We started working with pets this way before it became a trend in our industry and have incorporated minimal stress handling and techniques into everything we do.

We genuinely love learning more about our patients every day, working as a team with pet-parents to figure out what will work best from their perspective, and finding new and innovative ways to help animals have an excellent quality of life. We are so grateful to our loyal clients who allow us to do the work we love.

Our Values

These are the things we care about when it comes to YOU and your pet.

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When you choose an animal hospital, you want to know that it is adopting the most up-to-date, evidence-based veterinary medicine. We believe in this too! Our staff get regular continuing education so we can get right to the root of the problem with a proper diagnosis and effective treatment as fast as possible so your pet gets better or stays healthy.

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We make recommendations that are in the best interest of your pet because we care about their well-being just like we would our own fur-babies. We believe every life matters, and we always have your and your pet’s best interest at heart. We provide honesty and expertise.

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There is nothing more frustrating and scary than having to deal with the poor health of a much-loved pet and not really understanding what is going on or what you can do. We believe in working as a team with our clients in a judgement-free, down-to-earth way that helps them understand the ‘why’ of what we are recommending.

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We know if your pet is in pain, it is a scary time for them AND for you. No one wants to see their family members suffering – whether human or animal. We do everything in our power to reduce everyone’s stress in difficult times. We work with you to help you understand what is going on with your pet, what your options are, and what your pet’s prognosis means so that you can make educated choices about what to do for your pet.

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We invest heavily in ensuring our in-house equipment is modern and up-to-date, regularly inspected, and state-of-the-art. We also are very selective with the staff we hire to ensure everyone aligns with our values and is highly trained and experienced. This means that you know your pet is getting the best quality care available, and we’re able to diagnose things others might miss.

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We know it can be a scary and vulnerable time to visit an animal hospital with a sick pet and that you need to know you can trust the team supporting your pet. We work together with you as a team based on honesty and respect to develop and implement the best medical plan for your pet. We strive to be transparent at all times when working with you.