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Welcome to Oceanside Animal Hospital!
We offer the highest quality veterinary care in Sandwich, MA.

Joni Vance

This is the only vet I will bring my exotics to. I trust these vets with the care of my animals and they have done a fantastic job and I am very impressed with how caring they are with each and every pet that is brought in there. They help me weigh the pros and cons of treatment my animals might need and they explain every part of the process to me before they do it, it’s definitely recommended to bring your exotics here, my 2 bearded dragons, bunny, and multiple Guinea pigs would say the same!

Jen L

My pet rat needed to be seen and I called probably 15 other offices who either couldn’t see us or didn’t see rats. Oceanside got us in that day and were amazing. Now I have adopted 2 kittens and chose to bring them there even though it’s about 40 minutes away from me. The drive is worth it to know they’ll be so well taken care of.

Anna S

They are the only vets in the area who see exotic pets (bet you didn’t know rabbits were exotic) and I’m so grateful for them. My rabbit had the best care for cancer and when she passed. I love these guys and can’t thank them enough.

Amelie Laurino

My family started bringing my ferrets to Oceanside Animal Hospital recently. Both of our ferrets are old and have health problems. The whole experience has been great. The hospital is clean and all of the staff were kind and caring. The doctor took her time explaining everything and answering questions. They did an amazing job with my ferrets and the cost was very reasonable. Last Friday my ferret had an office visit, a blood test and received special food he needs and antibiotics for $200.00. I find that extremely reasonable. We will recommend Oceanside for sure!

Veterinary Services

Wellness exams, surgery, dentistry, and more.

Online Pharmacy

Food, medication, and more with free delivery.

Pet Wellness

Wellness and preventative care for pets of all ages.

We know that your pet is your fur-baby and an integral member of your family.

We also know what it is like to truly bond with an animal and how much sweeter life is with a furry, feathered, or scaled friend by your side.

Your pet is your:

  • constant companion
  • couch snuggle buddy
  • foot warmer
  • purring keyboard tapper
  • quaking dance-a-thon partner.

We believe these bonds need to be protected, so we offer the highest quality care whether your pet needs wellness & preventative care or if they are sick or have an emergency.

How we can Help you

I want to keep my fur-baby healthy


Help! Something seems
wrong with my pet


My pet needs
emergency care, stat!


Who we Love to help

We love all our patients – dogs, cats, and exotics – and we see them all the time! We are one of the only animal hospitals in the area with a strong interest and experience in exotic pets — this means that we often have clients driving 1-2 hours to come and see us and have been doing so for years!


How we’re Different

A Stress-Free Experience

All of our staff have undergone extensive training in fear-free handling to ensure that you and your pet have a happy, relaxed experience you can actually look forward to.

The Highest Quality Care

We have state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained staff, and longer appointment times to ensure we can provide the most thorough and detailed medicine for your fur-baby.

No White Coat

Science shows “White coat syndrome” exists! Our staff intentionally do not wear lab coats, and we created a homey environment to decrease anxiety and intimidation in you and your pet.

Compassion & Support

We know caring for a sick pet is never easy. We support you and coach you through tough decisions, grief, and transitions with the utmost compassion.

About Us

Growing up, our founder Dr. Corey Blake had every creature under the sun at home, including dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, snakes, chinchillas, and parakeets. Luckily for Corey, her parents are animal lovers and completely embraced the idea of having multiple pets in the home! From a young age, she experienced the authenticity and love pets bring into our lives. It can be hard to properly explain to people the calming presence and energy pets give you, but if you’ve ever had a beloved pet, you probably know what we’re talking about! It’s something special.

Here are just some of the wins that we are so grateful to experience on a regular basis:

  • The itchy dog that gets relief so both he and his pet parents can sleep through the night.
  • The sad little turtles that arrive with pneumonia and we nurse back to health.
  • Helping owners of exotic pets (birds, reptiles, little fuzzies) get all the information they need on proper nutritious diets, what types of enclosures and supplies they need, and what sort of psychological stimulation their pets need to be happy and have great quality of life.
  • Watching dogs come in sooooo happy to see us that were otherwise shaking and terrified at other veterinary hospitals. It is so amazing to contribute to the positive shift in their confidence and enjoyment!

Courses & Workshops

  • For Pet Parents
  • For Veterinary Professionals
  • For Women Leaders

Come say Hello!

We can’t wait to meet you and your pet!
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