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Some of our hospital features you’ll love!

State-of-the-art equipment to spot and diagnose disease faster and with less stress for you and your pet.

Fear-free handling to reduce anxiety in your pet

‘Drop off’ appointments and combined visits for multiple pet households.

Transparent communication about costs, recommendation benefits and risks and the long and short term prognosis.

Flexible payment methods such as Care Credit (short-term no-interest financing) and recommend insurance plans for pets.

Long appointment times of around 30-45 minutes, so we can take a thorough look at your whole pet

How we’re different

Fear Free Handling

Every person on our staff undergoes extensive training in fear-free handling and behavioral cues. What that means is that we know the correct ways to handle a situation depending on the anxiety level of you and your pet. We also know how to hold animals, transport animals, and house animals that causes the least amount of stress for them.

Separate Exam Rooms and Pheromones

Nothing induces the fight or flight response better than smelling a predator. For that reason our exam rooms are separated by species – so our pets can relax and not have to worry unnecessarily. We will use pheromones to help relax dogs and cats. We have diffusers in each room releasing these pheromones and also use the spray in our kennels and on blankets/towels.

Treats & Toys

Each room has a special touch to ensure your pet looks forward to a visit. Our canine room has dog toys, balls and special treats. We treat puzzles for our avian patients to keep them busy and engaged. Our exotics room has special equipment designed for tiny patients and treats specifically for each species.

In-House Laboratory

At Oceanside Animal Hospital, we have state of the art, point of care laboratory equipment and skilled staff performig regular in house analysis – that means accurate answers quickly. No one wants to wait for results when our fur-babies are sick! And the sooner we have results, the sooner we can help your pet – exactly what we love being able to do!

Keeping Your Pet Comfortable

We have created a calming, relaxed environment that you and your pet appreciate. We have comfortable examination rooms and do most of our canine examinations on the floor, where the pet is most comfortable. We don’t wear white lab coats because science shows that people are more intimidated and anxious around doctors in white coats. It is known as “white coat syndrome.”

A Homey Environment

Our waiting area has a big comfy couch to ensure any waiting time is more pleasant and a kids area, so your kids won’t get bored if they have to be taken along for appointments. Our whole space has been designed to look less clinical and cold and more like a friendly home environment, so everyone can relax.


We know dental health is a window into overall health, with dental health significantly effecting major organs like the kidneys and heart. We are proactive with maintaining our patients’ dental health and have all the equipment needed to do so. All patients having dental procedures have digital dental radiographs performed, close monitoring by skilled nurses, and high-tech dental equipment at the ready to address dental concerns. All extractions are performed by our skilled veterinarians and regular follow ups are done on all oral surgeries.


At Oceanside, we believe in having dedicated staff monitoring your pet when they are under anesthesia, maintaining impeccable skill, sterility, and safety, and minimizing the time your pet spends under anesthesia. Our equipment is second to none and we always keep your pet’s best interest at heart. From loving care prior to their procedure, close monitoring and skilled surgeons during their procedure, to snuggles in recovery, we are there to comfort your pet through the whole process.

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We can’t wait to meet you and your pet!
Our Location: 95 Route 6A Sandwich Massachusetts
Call us: 508-744-3838   |   Email Us:

We can’t wait to meet you and your pet!
Our Location:
95 Route 6A Sandwich Massachusetts
Call us: 508-744-3838 
Email Us: