Happy Birthday Skitter Cat!


Skitter is our hospital cat. If you’ve been to Oceanside Animal Hospital, chances are you’ve met her. She is the gray fluffy feline with the feather duster tail who messes up the bathroom, gets cat hair all over the floor, hangs up the phone on our clients, and sticks her paw in the scanner when we are scanning your records. Obviously we love her to pieces.

Skitter has a special place in our hearts, not just because of her antics, but because of her heart.

When Dr. Blake adopted Skitter she performed an exam and skitter2immediately detected a severe heart murmur.  This murmur was because of a ventricular septal defect in her heart – a very dangerous defect that reduces her life expectancy considerably. After consulting with specialists and a surgeon at Tufts, the general consensus was that Skitter was unlikely to survive the surgery required to fix her heart, and without surgery Skitter was expected to live for only 6 months! We decided to give her the best quality life that we could by providing her with a rigorous schedule of daily medication, observation, and medical care.

Skitter has proven to have been more resilient than we could have imagined. Due to her heart condition and the considerable risk in putting her under anesthesia, we opted not to spay her right away. As sometimes will happen with un-spayed females, Skitter developed an infection in her uterus – a pyometra – and Dr. Blake had to perform an emergency surgery to save her life. Under the skilled and careful observation of our surgical technician, Brittany, Skitter came through anesthesia without incident. We were all very relieved!

This June we have so much to celebrate! The second birthday of Oceanside Animal Hospital and of our Skitter Cat! We feel blessed to have Skitter as a member of the Oceanside Team and we are all dedicated to giving her the very best care. Next time you come in to see us remember to say hello to Skitter. Chances are, she will greet you first!