Your Pet’s Visit

At Oceanside Animal Hospital we don’t just treat your pets like family, we give them the same quality of medical treatment that your family gets.

Oceanside Staff-55Here is what you can expect when your pet comes in for an exam.

First you will check in at our reception desk where, if your pet is a dog, he or she will be weighed.

One of our veterinary technicians will then escort you and your pet to one of our  species specific exam rooms where she will assess your pet’s vital signs – their temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate – to make sure they are within normal  Kathyrange.  Keeping different types of animals separate in our hospital was the focus of the architectural design in our new facility in Sandwich Massachusetts.  We treat exotic animals- such as mice, rabbits, and birds – that are prey species and can become fearful when they smell predators such as cats.  Keeping our exam rooms separate also allows us to use species specific pheromones called Feliway and Adaptil to calm your pet while they are being examined.

Dr. Corey Blake or Dr. Lisa Abbo will perform the actual examination of your pet.  They will start by getting to know you and your pet so they can better understand the unique needs of you and your family.  They will then begin the nose to tail examination of all body systems.  At Oceanside Animal Hospital we make a point to examine the entire patient – not just the part that hurts – so that we can be sure not to miss any information important to their treatment and care.

Pets can become fearful at the veterinarian, and we want to avoid this at all costs.  We want Oceanside Staff-82your pet the feel comfortable and to walk through our door happily at every visit.  For this reason, we are a limited restraint practice. We use food reward, when appropriate, and we take our time to get to know your pet so that they will trust us and feel less anxious.  You will not see us wrestling with big dogs or  scruffing anxious cats.  If a dog won’t walk willingly into the treatment room, we perform treatment in the exam room with you present – or we work with that patient until he or she has the confidence to come with us.  If a cat is so fearful that we can not treat him or her or with kindness and respect, then we will recommend sedation for treatment so that he or she will not become fearful for his next visit.

One of the things that our clients tell us over and over again is that their pets LOVE coming to see us!

So if you are looking for the convenience and precision of modern medicine at a price you can afford, come in to meet Dr. Corey Blake and get a tour of Oceanside Animal Hospital and find out what sets us apart from other veterinarians on Cape Cod.