Patient Spotlight – Zoey’s Story


Zoey is a 6 year old female chocolate lab that was rescued a year ago by one of our clients.  She is a very sweet, shy, anxious girl with a sad history.  Zoey was rescued from a kill shelter in Tennessee.  The shelter had run out of resources and they planned to euthanize all of the dogs.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of Labs4rescue who drove down to Tennessee with volunteers, all of these dogs were rescued before they could be euthanized!  Zoey ended up at a foster home in New York before she found her way into the heart of her new family.


She was seriously under-weight and heavily scarred with an ear that had been torn at one point and healed.  Her new family speculates that she had been used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring as a way to explain her many scars and her fear.  Thankfully,  Zoey’s luck has changed for the better.  She has a wonderful, loving home with a family that takes extraordinary care of her!


We took our time getting to know Zoey before treating her many ailments.  Her new mother would bring Zoey, with her brother Nestle,  just to visit us and get comfortable. As her life and her nutrition improved, Zoey’s disposition slowly improved as well.  She loved her new family and was very sweet when visiting us at the hospital.  Yet she still displayed anxiety at home.  When new people came to the house she was sometimes receptive and other times fearful.  This inconsistency puzzled her owners and us.


Four months ago we performed a dentistry on Zoey while she was under anesthesia.  Once she was anesthetized we were able to examine her mouth thoroughly and take dental Xrays.  It turned out that Zoey had a broken, exposed tooth.  It was so painful to her that she winced when we touched it even when she was under sedation.  We extracted the tooth and prescribed medication for her.  A few weeks later we got a phone call from her mother. 


“Zoey is a different dog!” she said,“She seems happy and playful all the time!”  After having her painful tooth removed Zoey started to act playfully for the first time, even playing with her new brother Nestle.  While Zoey continues to improve and sometimes remains fearful in certain situations and around new people, we feel that relieving her constant pain played a significant role in the progress she has made so far. We are so happy to have made a positive difference for her!


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Does your pet have a story with a happy ending, like Zoey’s?  Email us at info@oceansideanimal.com. We would be happy to write a blog about your pet’s unique journey.