Mushroom Toxcity

Mushrooms –  they will make your dog very sick.  

      In the past week we have diagnosed and treated two cases of mushroom toxicity in dogs here at Oceanside Animal Hospital.  If you have a  dog that likes to graze outside you might want to keep him or her on a tight leash and be extra vigilant in your yard and while walking on trails.
                           In Eastern North America we have several varieties of mushrooms that are poisonous at all levels.  Some will cause gastrointestinal upset, some will cause seizures and neurological damage, others will cause liver failure and death.

The Symptoms of

Possible Mushroom Toxicity Are:

Vomiting, Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain, Weakness, Lethargy, Yellowing of the Skin,

Uncoordinated Movements, Excessive Drooling, Tremors, Seizures.


1. Try to collect a sample of the mushrooms in your yard, or pick them out of your dog’s vomit, and put them in a Ziplock bag. If you were on a walk when you think the mushrooms were ingested, don’t bother going back to find them – it will take too much time.  If you were with a friend on the walk, ask your friend to go back and look for mushrooms while you take care of your pet.

2. Get in your car immediately and drive to Oceanside Animal Hospital at 95 Route 6A in Sandwich.  Call us to let us know you are on your way.  If it is after hours, go to the nearest veterinary emergency facility.
3. CALL POISON CONTROL   1-888-426-4435 and get a case number so that Dr. Blake or Dr. Abbo can consult with the toxicology specialists and develop the best treatment plan for your pet.
         Your dog will most likely have to stay with us for treatment and/or be transferred to an emergency hospital for overnight observation and supportive care.  Both of our cases of mushroom toxicity are doing well thanks to the fast action of their owners.  Please be extra vigilant when you are outside with your dog and call us immediately if your dog displays any of the symptoms listed above.