Giving Thanks

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked our staff what they were thankful for this year.  The responses were so heartwarming that we had to share.

Corey – I am Thankful for my amazingly supportive family (particularly understanding when I need to miss dinner to help a sick patient) and of course for our  Skitter Cat.   Considering all Skitter - Hospital Cat at Oceanside Animal Hospital in Sandwich MAof her medical issues we are truly blessed to have her here with us.  Her antics and companionship are an important part of our client’s experience when they come in to the hospital and so entertaining for all of us.  She helps keep our spirits high on stressful days and is amazingly tolerant when my daughter decides it’s bath day – good luck to me if I ever try to give her a bath!

East Sandwich Beach Jessamyn – I’m Thankful to be living in one of the most beautiful places in the world and to be working with such wonderful people!  Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to take care of your pets!

Brittany – I am Thankful to be working with clients that love their pets enough to take such excellent care of them.  I’m also Thankful for the support and generosity of our clients who donate so many linens to our clinic.  We put them to good use! Blankets donated to Oceanside Animal Hospital in Sandwich MA

Corinne – I am Thankful to be working with an amazing team of co-workers, and am blessed to have my friends, family, and all my cute animals in my life!

Dog smiling at Oceanside Animal Hospital in Sandwich MAMelaine – I am Thankful for the wisdom of my dog Piper.  I find that as she grows up she is showing more compassion and discretion than she used to.  When my mother comes home from having chemo, Piper knows that she should snuggle up and comfort her.  She knows when she’s needed, even though she still barks at the mailman….

Kelli – I am Thankful for my new job at Oceanside Animal Hospital and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of animals.  I am also Thankful for my wonderful co-workers, including Angel Bird who says “Goodbye” to each one of us at night.Angelbird watches over the treatment room at Oceanside Animal Hospital in Sandwich MA

Tiger Cat at Oceanside Animal HosptialGabrielle – I am Thankful for my sweet kitty, Max.  He was missing for the summer when I was in Colorado.  The day I came home and went back to work, a woman came into Oceanside and asked us if we could help her find the owner of a cat she had been feeding all summer.  She described Max perfectly and when we exchanged pictures it was clear that it was him!  I’m grateful he’s back with us.  He’s such a great cat!

Claire – This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Bruno, a regular pet sitting job turned best friend. We hike, swim, and even attempt stand up paddle boarding together – though we both needDog and Technician Swimming at Oceanside Animal Hospital to work on our balance! This summer he was my biggest supporter while I competed in my first triathlon. As soon as I crossed the finish line on the beach at John’s Pond, he bolted into the water after me and tackled me with kisses.

Tracy – I am Thankful for my daughters, my family, and my co-workers  – my Oceanside Family.  We make each other laugh and have so much fun together!  Dr. Blake understands how important it is that we work as a team, and she is always giving us rewards for working hard!  I’m grateful for that.  I’m also Thankful for my dog Max.  Even though he can be naughty, he loves me unconditionally and keeps my feet warm at night!