FREE EXAMS with Dr. Kennedy

Meet our new doctor! 

During the month of November when you schedule an exam with Dr. Jessamyn Kennedy, our new Associate Veterinarian, your EXAM IS FREE.

Dr. Jessamyn Kennedy Veterinarian in Sandwich MA

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Jessamyn Kennedy to the Oceanside Animal Hospital team!  Dr. Kennedy is a Graduate of Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.   She has experience practicing with dogs, cats, farm animals, and horses; and has a special interest in GI diseases and feline medicine.  She is a skilled and talented surgeon, has many years of experience treating companion animals in a traditional veterinary setting, and is very passionate about wellness care.

Dr. Kennedy brings something unique to our practice.  She embraces an integrative approach to treatment combining both traditional and alternative veterinary medicine. She plans on becoming certified in Acupuncture, Chiropractics, and Herbal Medicine. She is currently a long time practitioner of Trigger Point Myotherapy, a new service we are pleased to offer at Oceanside Animal Hospital.

Trigger Point Myotherapy uses palpation to discover trigger points, or knots, in the muscle which are depositions of lactic acid and other metabolic by-products. If not released, over time these Trigger Points can cause tightness, pain, and restriction of blood flow. Compression techniques are used over the Trigger Points to release them, allowing proper blood flow and alleviation of discomfort. Stretches are then used to retrain the muscle into relaxation and elongation, to remind the muscle of its true function and form.

Many patients find relief from Trigger Point Myotherapy. It is often recommended for geriatric patients, patients suffering from trauma and injury, and post-surgical cases. It has been shown that injuries heal at a quicker rate when Trigger Point Myotherapy is performed, often in conjunction with physical therapy in the form of stretches the owner can do at home.

Dr. Kennedy is currently accepting new patients.  Whether your pet is in need of a Wellness Exam, a Sick Visit, or you are interested in Myotherapy; we encourage you and your pet to come in and get to know Dr. Kennedy.  When you book an appointment with Dr. Kennedy during the month of November your EXAM is FREE!  This promotion applies to NEW and CURRENT CLIENTS, is subject to availability, and does not include the cost of diagnostics, vaccines, or medication.