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Introducing the online learning academy of Oceanside Animal Hospital

Here you’ll find the latest online courses and workshops for pet parents, vet professionals and women leaders!

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Pet Parents

We know how hard it can be to juggle work, family, household responsibilities, and taking care of your pet.

We know you want to do the best you can and follow all the right guidelines to keep your pet happy and healthy. We understand that it can be over-whelming not just time-wise, but also information overload – and how to know who to trust?  
If your schedule is packed to the hilt and you just can’t fathom how you can sign up for another responsibility like puppy class with all you have going on, our courses can help you get the best of both worlds:  The knowledge you need to create and maintain a healthy bond with your pet, and the flexibility to do it at your own pace, in your own home. The courses we have created for pet parents give you a reliable, easy, inexpensive way to get the best information you can for your pet and to be able to access it on your own terms, and on YOUR schedule.

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Our Courses for

Vet Professionals

As we all know Vet Med is a super challenging profession and we recognize how many hats we need to wear as veterinary professionals on the daily. We all desire to do incredible medicine and take the best care of our patients. AND we know we need to take great care of our clients and ourselves in order to create meaningful connection and trust. Let alone being successful at our jobs and successful in our own lives.

It’s so common for veterinary professionals to spend most of their development time on medicine (makes sense, right?) and to save the communications, leadership, and practice culture work for another day.  Those things are harder and often times less tangible than learning a new technique or procedure.

Interestingly, it’s leadership, communication, and practice culture that create the basis for HOW you show up to do that procedure, how well you can focus on the medicine you are doing, and how productive your team is.  But who has the time for all of that, let alone the time to teach it all to the rest of their team?

We understand the challenges veterinary medicine poses first hand and have created amazing courses that help you do just that.  From perfecting leadership skills to leveling up your communication game we have you covered.  Wondering how to shift the culture of your practice in a more positive direction? We’ve got you.

From leadership coaching to online courses and in person workshops, we challenge you to go past the daily grind and create the career and culture you long for – you deserve it. 

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Our Courses for

Women Leaders

Our courses transform the way women lead and the way we exist in the world. Helping women to transition out of a striving, not good enough mentality, releasing constant fear of judgement and hiding their true nature. I work with women who, despite being incredibly successful, know they are holding back, they know something is missing, and they know that working harder and harder is not getting them where they long to be.

So many women share a deep grief and a loss that following the system laid out before them is not filling.  Incredible women feel disconnected from themselves despite professional or personal success. Or, often, both. There is a feeling of being lost, stuck, and disconnected from who they thought they were and who they want to be.
And what they don’t know is that we don’t need to live that way.
There is a way to transform the way women show up in this world that allows us all to own our beauty, our power, and our truth.  As individuals AND as professionals.
We can honor the truth of who we are as women while being successful, powerful, and free.
Through individual coaching, online courses, and live workshops, I teach women how to shift their relationships with themselves in a way that allows them to embrace their feminine side while maintaining their strength as leaders, positively transforming their relationship with themselves and their bodies, and integrating that into powerful, strong, inspiring leadership. I help women connect to their personal sacredness and honor the way they move in the world so that they can lead from a place of joy and authenticity.
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