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Wellness Care and Preventative Medicine

Species and Breed Specific Care
We know that a Chihuahua who lives in the house and a German shorthair pointer hunting dog who is constantly in the woods and grasses have very different needs. As a result we tailor the best recommendations for your pet based on their needs, not by grouping them into large categories. For our exotic pets we make recommendations based on the most current information available and the most reliable research into what is the best way to care for these special animals. Each species has different and specific needs which, if not met, can mean significantly decreased life spans.

New Pet Care
At your initial pet visit we will go over preventative and wellness care of your new family member. We will discuss feeding, socialization, behavior, and training. Typically we will recommend a series of visits to allow us to provide you the information you need, acclimate your new pet to visiting the hospital, and customize care to fit the needs of your pet.

Senior Pet Care
One year going by for us is similar to 8 years passing for our pets. Factor in a 8 year old dog turning 9 – that is like a 56 year old man aging to 63 over the span of one year. A lot can happen in 8 dog years. As a result, more frequent examination are recommended for our senior pets, as well as diet and lifestyle changes. Dogs are considered seniors at 7 years of age, and cats at 8 years of age. Please ask us for more information regarding our senior pet plans and recommendations during your pet’s visit.

At Oceanside Animal Hospital we believe in the importance of vaccination. Vaccines have drastically reduced animal illness and suffering over the past 50 years. Instances of distemper and parvovirus have been significantly reduced due to the use of effective vaccination strategies. That being said, these deadly viruses are still present in our everyday world and will infect unprotected individuals. It is important to understand that we vaccinate for a reason and a risk-benefit analysis is done for each and every vaccination that is recommended. Just as importantly, we do not believe in unnecessarily over-vaccinating. Each vaccine protocol is tailored to the needs of your pet and your pet alone. We follow recommendations for vaccination intervals based on the guidelines of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and American Animal Hospital Association.

If you prefer a minimalist vaccination protocol we are happy to provide blood test titering to assess the need for a vaccination prior to administration.

Rabies vaccination is required by law for ALL dogs, cats (including indoor cats), and ferrets. It is required that these pets stay up to date on rabies vaccinations due to public health concerns. These vaccines are given at between 1 and 3 year intervals. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding these protocols.