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Skitter is the hospital cat at Oceanside Animal Hospital. Her duties include greeting clients and patients, stepping on computer key boards, hanging up telephones, sampling retail merchandise, and making a mess of the bathroom.

Skitter, a domestic long haired silver tiger with a hint of Maine Coon, was adopted as a kitten from a shelter in Scituate and has been with us since the practice opened in 2012. When she first came to us we discovered that she suffers from a ventricular septal defect in her heart – a very dangerous defect that reduces her life expectancy considerably. Since she is not a candidate for surgical intervention, we have chosen to monitor her closely, medicate her daily, and give her the best quality of life we can. Knowing her, Skitter will live a long live just to prove us wrong. We hope she does. You can learn more about Skitter by reading our blog or by visiting her and liking her on Facebook!

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