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Diagnostic Imaging
We are thankful to have digital imaging capabilities including digital x-ray, digital dental x-ray, and ultrasound. The radiology area contains a digital x-ray machine capable of point-of-reference review of your pet’s images. This allows us to immediately analyze the images for quality and minimize the number of x-ray exposures your pet will have. Ultrasound allows us to image the structures of the internal organs and get real-time images of the abdomen and chest.

We are able to offer complete abdominal ultrasound through two different venues. Dr. Blake is trained in ultrasound and will perform many abdominal scans. We are also able to call in a mobile ultrasonographer to perform additional imaging of the abdomen if necessary.

Complete In-house Laboratory
The hospital is equipped with in-house lab equipment which allows the doctors and staff to analyze blood and urine samples immediately as needed. We are equipped to perform Complete Cell Counts, Chemistry Profiles, Urinalysis, Fecals, Blood Smears, Ear Cytology, Skin Cytology, and some Tissue Cytology.

Reference Laboratories
As some pets need additional and specific diagnostic testing, we utilize multiple off-site reference laboratories across the country. Not every laboratory has the same standards or the same expertise in the many medical conditions we encounter in our patients. Each laboratory is hand -picked due to their expertise in specific areas including thyroid disease, allergy testing, endocrine disease, exotic animal, and pathology. This allows us to make more accurate diagnoses with the help of more specific testing and the associated clinical pathologists at the laboratories.