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Ashley is a Pharmacy Technician and Receptionist at Oceanside Animal Hospital. She is responsible for answering phone calls,  filling prescriptions, and ordering prescription diets and hospital supplies.

Ashley has had significant experience in customer service as well as in the field of veterinary medicine. Ashley spent the beginning of her childhood at Purdue University in Indiana where her mother obtained a degree in veterinary medicine. She has since lived in her hometown of Kingston, Massachusetts and is a graduate of Silver Lake Regional High School. She is a graduate of UMass Amherst with a degree in biology and pre–medical studies concentration.

Ashley has a small zoo at her household consisting of a border collie named Bandit, a Carolina Hound mix named Fergie, a calico cat named Mae, a tortoise shell cat named Penny, a chinchilla named Anthony, Buddy the rooster, 30 chickens and counting, as well as four hives of honey bees. In her spare time Ashley enjoys golfing, fishing, and baking treats for her friends and family. Having been surrounded by veterinary medicine her whole life, Ashley has developed an unconditional love for all animals and a love of medicine itself. Her ambition is to attend medical school once she completes her undergraduate degree and become a pediatrician.